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Advantage Locksmith Store Clearwater, FL 727-322-4087Despite being quite small in size, keys may appear to be sturdy but are in fact subjected to wear and tear the most. When keys are turned in locks, the action has an abrasive effect on the keys that over time may cause the key snap off. While you can simply get a key replaced at the hardware shop if you’ve got the broken pieces with you, what happens if the key broke in the lock ? With a part of the key stuck in the lock, the chances of operating the lock with a spare or a new key are down to zero. Fortunately, you’ve got Advantage Locksmith Store to help you out of such unforeseeable key emergencies in Clearwater, FL area. 

What causes a key to break?

No matter how well built the keys, constant use is bound to take their toll on them. There are also two main reasons as to why a key breaks in lock:

1) Presence of ‘weak points’

Deep cuts and grooves formed into the structure of the key form ‘weak points’. After long-term usage, these points lead to crack origination which may later cause the whole key to snap.

2) Use of light-weight materials

Keys that are generally procured from hardware shops make use of cheap and light-weight material that is generally not suitable for long-term use. Cracks tend to form quite easily and the key gets bent out of shape or breaks off in a short span.

Key trouble? Call in the experts

Let’s face it- if your key broke in the lock, there’s little you can do! You can try prying the lock open to extract the piece and risk damaging your entire lock or you can make the smart choice and hire professionals for help. What may seem like an absurdly complicated procedure to you, is fairly simple to our experts, who’ve extracted countless broken keys from locks in the past! 

Why choose Advantage Locksmith Store?

If your key broke in lock, you need someone to carry out a non-destructive and least intrusive extraction procedure, and that’s what Advantage Locksmith Store can do for you! Our technicians can carefully extract the broken part ensuring that no damage is caused to the lock in the process. They can also craft a new set of keys on-the-spot that are made from the finest quality materials and are built to eliminate the possibility of key breakage in the near future. 

Did your key break in the lock ? Call Advantage Locksmith Store without further ado at 727-322-4087!